Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Almost time!

Welcome :)

Countdown to destiny! :) Counting the days and hours until our dream is come true. YEA!!!

Thanks for visiting! love to all, Alison & Chester

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Sorry for not updating this site in such a long time. a lot is going on and as most of you already December 9th is the day Alison arrives in the States! :) I've kept my website updated for the most part so you are welcome to keep up with us there, just never mind the frequent theme changes going on with the site! ;)

Feel free to contact us here by commenting on the posts or email; and be sure to visit our other sites too, Alison's blog and my website Garazon's Den. Alison has done a great job with her blog unlike her lazy fiance who is never updating anything! ;) Well I do play with my cell phone and post some odd bits to my mobile blog at times!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Whoooooo Hooooo! :)

It's Official! Our fiancee visa was approved today so we are on the fast track now to get things sorted and be together permanently! No more goodbyes on the cell or chats or at airports, only face to face kisses and love forever more! :)  Can you tell I am happy?!! LOL I AM!  love you Alison mou, my approved Beautiful Brit Bride XXXXX

Monday, September 01, 2008


It’s Official! Our petition for the fiancĂ©e visa was approved today!!!! YEA!!!!!! You cant imagine two more ecited or happier people than the two of us when we got the news :) Our lives are all filled with highs and lows and we mark our journey through life by them. I can in all honesty say I have never been overcome by such joyful emotion as I was when I first got the news. And the timing really was coming at a point that some good news was needed. We both have struggeled trying to keep from getting down about it taking so long and so many hoops to jump through to just simply be together and share a love sent from heaven, as well as the worry with my mom being in the hospital ICU in serious but stable condition. 

Well I should start with getting the news. Both of us had signed up at the USCIS website to receive email updates about our case when any action was taken. Well there are only two instances of action in this particular petion, one is the receipt of it and the case pending, and the last one is the approval notice, we get NOTHING in between which only served to make us that more anxious waiting for word. Yesterday (I’m editing this a day after I made the post) was a busy day for both of us, with me working and then planning to go to the hospital after, and Alison at the time entertaining a friend for dinner at her house. With all the things going on with mom I have been keeping up with the family and friends by email a lot and have been in a habit of checking it on my phone a lot here lately. Well something told me to check it yesterday, one of those feeligs we get, and to be truthful I just thought it was someone wanting to know about mom or something like that. Well I knew alison was busy , but she still sends some kisses right often too :)

Anyway being in the state I was I was sort of in one of those worried states and when i saw the name “CRIS” whch i recognized from signing up at the USCIS site, my heart just seemed to stop and turn 

iPhone inbox

iPhone inbox

180 degrees around! I never have felt so much jubilation as when I saw that notice! I stopped right then and sent Alison a text (I started to cal her but her cell has been going south for a while now and the battery goes very fast on voice calls unless she is plugged into the charger. Here’s the text I did send, excuse the French ;)Text i sent to sent to Alison to tell her the news


 Those few minutes of texting and then her trying to call and speak were like something I hvae never experienced before, both of us jumping up and down likely and telling everyyone who would listen! well everyone knows how badly we wanted this day to come,andnow its here and soon when she is called to go to the embassy there, she will have her visa to come! :) We will have our Christmas together this year! :-) 

You know its seemed like an eternity waiting for this thing to be approved, and looking back now its was just 3 months, well i say just… to us it seeemd so much longer. From what i have seen though the average waitign time now is close to 10 to 13 months and I was so down we wpuld end up seeing another year go by, but somehow God and our angels pulled off another one and made us even happier than we have been :)  But its nothing will compare to that day she gets off the plane here and I hold her in my arms and knowing its for good! Love you baby! XXX

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I-129F posted! :)

I-129F signed and sealed! For those not knowing what an I-129F is, its my petition to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to bring Alison to the US on what's commonly known as a K1 fiancee visa! :)  We have been working the last few weeks to get all the paperwork together and filling out forms to get ball rolling.

Today marks a very special day in that on May 28, 2008 at 10:16 Posted!! :) AM the package was certified and now on its merry way to the Vermont processing center! :) Well I guess its not officially filed yet until it gets there and signed for(yes I sent it certified) , but this single step is such an amazing moment for us when all our plans are finally beginning to take some concrete steps. There has never been a doubt between us that we would be together, its just a long impatient wait as there are so many other factors involved in a move on this grand scale. I do feel a lot of anxiousness passed now as its been an ordeal just preparing the application. The main thing  was trying to make sure everything is done properly and nothing left out. I had this awful dread of forgetting something that would hold up the approval (I'm thinking positive that it's going to be approved and wont let any other thought in my head ) I have triple checked over everything and made one last check this morning, notifying of Alison by text of just about each step too! lol I just know how these govt people want things done and its silly things they sometimes want done where common sense should prevail, but what can we do but go along. Well I feel confident ours will be verified to be a genuine case of wanting to be together in the same country and married as soon as we can! Officially that is, in my heart she is my wife already :)  God joined us together and to me there is no higher authority!  ;)

They say this part of the process is the one taking the most time and work to get in order as of course with all that is going on in the world they are scrutinizing everyone and everything. Well it's been an anxious time for us trying to just decipher the instructions of the form and making sure we have everything without feeling overwhelmed. Our first time looking into all this that was the case for both of us I think, feeling overwhelmed. We still have a long way to go of course but this is the most difficult part with this petition and her getting the visa. Once its approved they will notify the American Embassy there in Nicosia and set up a meeting and interview with Alison and then she will have her own set of tasks to complete and prepare a package for them there. She will have to have a background police check done from everywhere she has lived. Since she is a Brit she will have to get a clearance from the Sunderland police where she was living there, and one from Limassol, Cyprus where she has been living since leaving the UK. Well she has applied already for both of them ahead of time so she is well in advance of getting things done. I know she already has all her papers ready, birth certificate etc.. and the only thing I think that she will really have to wait for after the initial interview is the medical exam to certify she has a clean bill of health for entering the US. Not sure why really as how many thousands of people a day fly into the US and come to visit and Lord know what some of them may be carrying! :o) well anyway its something has to be done. Well that should be a simple thing to get, just taking the time to set up the Dr's appointment at the physician of their choosing. And then once that is all done she will go back and they will issue her the visa. I *think* the visa is good for 6 months from then to use, and once she arrives in the US we have only 90 days to get married. Well we are ready today but it would be nice to have time to plan a nice wedding, and of course we will!! I can't wait for it! :)  but I feel its possible we may have to arrange a quick civil ceremony near her arriving to make it official per the terms of the visa. And then from there its still a matter of applying again for resident status and all the other things go with being a US resident, social security, drivers license etc.. well one thing at a time and we will get it all sorted. I just cant wait for the day my wife to be gets off that plane and into my arms! :) We'll keep you updated on the progress of things and where we stand as time goes by. Just send a prayer things go smooth and quick for us, we are sooooo ready to be together, you just can't imagine! :) love you baby! XXXXXXXX

on the way to the PO!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Terms of endearment :)


Alison Michelle

Beauty of Britannia,

Mistress of the Med,

Keeper of my heart

♠Chester Wade♠

My Handsome Americano

One and only Valentine

Star of my Dreams

my Cyprus Angel

my Beautiful Brit

my Geordie Girl

my Sam

my precious love

my frisky angel

my sweet

my darling

my crazy passion filled English woman

my beautiful love

my perfect match

my everything

my one true love
My Fiancee

My Perfect Match

Chester Mou !

my Old Man  ( ;

My Everything

Agapi mou

My Love

My Life

My World

The air I breathe ( :

My Cowboy

My Fiance

  This was something we had on another website we once started before we chose blogger for our purposes. Just getting ready  to delete the other site and saving some things :)

I love my Cyprus Angel :)

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

In Memory of Susie Pratt

I don't normally post off topic from this site, but I wanted to pass on this sad news to any family or friends who visit here and knew Susie and haven't heard the news, Susie passed away this past weekend after a long hard battle with cancer. :( the full info is on my site, http://www.garazon.com

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Lilac

The Lilac - First emotions of love.. I BELIEVE :)
Two years ago this photo was taken. As you can see from the blooms its a purple lilac. April 2006 was the very first time since it was planted that it bloomed. To be honest at the time it was planted I had no idea of what type of bush it even was.